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The betting markets think the Rams put themselves in great shape to win the Super Bowl by acquiring Matthew Stafford, while the Lions waved the white flag on the 2021 season by accepting Jared Goff and a bunch of future draft picks.

The Rams’ odds to win next year’s Super Bowl surged after the trade at several sports books, while the Lions’ odds sank.

The Rams had been at 18/1 to win next year’s Super Bowl, which ranked them tied for eighth in the NFL, at SportsBetting.com. Now the Rams are at 10/1, which ranks them third, behind only the Chiefs (6/1) and Buccaneers (9/1).

The Lions, meanwhile, have plummeted from 80/1 all the way to the bottom of the board at 150/1.

Stafford never won a playoff game with the Lions. If the odds are to be believed, there’s a great chance that a year from now, Stafford will be preparing to play in the Super Bowl with the Rams.